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"It’s not obedience, Mr. Beckett; it’s respect." - Mako Mori

Metro in progress. #cph #copenhagen #nordvest

Metro in progress. #cph #copenhagen #nordvest

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ngl, I was most excited to hear about your favourite clothing shops because you have excellent taste in fashion. /lame

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What if our homes and churches went from being primarily sites of consumption to places of production, as the scholar and priest Ivan Illich suggested? What if we planted church-supported community gardens, permaculture parishes, Transition churches, and apostolic farms that fed entire neighborhoods. What if seminaries trained every futur epastor in the agrarian arts, ecological literacy and sunshine-powered living? What if church lawns stopped being dumping grounds for pesticides and petro-fertilizers and started growing zucchini and heirloom tomatoes for the local homeless shelter?

My prayer for the church is that we will stretch our eucharistic imaginations and see that the sacrament of Christ’s body and blood doesn’t end at the altar. God’s communion spreads outward into the fields, the creeks and rivers, the gardens and farms which feed us, out to the stranger on the road and back again to the lifted elements. Had we the ‘conviction of things not seen,’ we would recognize this seamless flow of nutrients both visible and invisible, profane and holy [Heb 11:1]. And we would be changed.

— Fred Bahnson, Making Peace with the Land, Pg. 110-111 (via gospelofthekingdom)

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